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Launch of Alba Londres 2

We are happy to invite everyone to the launch of Alba Londres 2

The project Alba is very similar in its different locations; nonetheless, we would like to introduce an outline about our particularities because we organise ourselves in an autonomous way. In Alba Londres we find and promote links between the Spanish and Hispano-American culture and the Anglo-Saxon one. We work with different languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Gallego, Euskera, English, etc. We publish original translations and we are interested in poetry.

Given the spread presence of our culture in London and given the influences, references and interferences happening on a daily basis in the linguistic-literary field as well as the artistic and intellectual, we believe that Alba Londres will fill a void at the same time that will arouse creation.


Organised by the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre
The event will take place on the 16th of December
From 7.30pm to 9pm
Room 624 in Birkbeck main building
University of London
Malet Street, Bloomsbury
London WC1E 7HX


I went to Photofusion’s Annual Members Photography Show lat night. The show is gaining a reputation for showcasing a diversity of approaches and genres from photographers based in London and further afield. This year continues the collaboration with Hotshoe Magazine which includes the Hotshoe Photofusion Award”.

The evening went smoothly and I saw some interesting work. Below are some examples.


amps 11
LEFT © Eva Stenram | RIGHT © Judith Lyons
Alison MaCauley
© Alison McCauley
Jo Phipps
© Jo Phipps

Drawing Space

Drawing Space is an interesting initiative by Brighton artist Carolyn Bew during the Artist Open House. It is a collaborative event over three weekends. Visitors are invited to take part in a collective drawing incorporating sound and video, which will transform this empty space into an interactive environment. Each evening a video will be made of the artworks, before the walls are repainted for the following day.


throughout May 2011
The time is right for FREE things:

  • FREE painting
  • FREE film
  • FREE knitting

Are You Ready for it?

All of Portslade has been declared an involuntary park.

The only currency valid here is skill (any skill) and the only place to redeem it is at THE EXCHANGE, curated by artist group Involuntary Park at BLANK

Neither an exhibition nor a performance piece but a Pay-What-You-Earn-Art-Cafe and a workshop the size of a building …

Come and hang out at The Deer Feeding Station Cafe, take part in an Involuntary Fashion Trail, help make a life size Knitted Deer, record your own Sound Nugget, or go out on an urban hunt with watercolours..

We aim to discover the hidden talents of Portslade by opening up our gallery and studio spaces to the community. Come and swap something YOU can do for something WE can do.

No skill is too big or too small. Everything is a currency we can exchange…

Participants so far confirmed include:

Mike Weatherley MP; Monica Crowe, Katie Blackwell & Friends from The Goodwill Co-op at Emmaus; Parliament of Feathers screen printing; Josie Jeffery of Seedfreedom; Lorette Mackie of Portslade Community Forum; plus BLANK artists Carolina Diaz, Rosie Holmes, Romily Meredith; Chris Shaw-Hughes; Amy Smith, Eva Weaver, Tamsin Williams, Libby Davy, Jo Shapland, Lorenza Ippolito.


List of Workshops at THE EXCHANGE