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Hello Everybody, so a new exciting season of Armchair Critics has begun.

Big news is that AC is doubling up. There will be two exhibitions instead of only one.

The first one is on the 21st of April and will be at the usual time around 7:00 p.m.

The second, on the 5th of May, will be held in the early afternoon for those who don’t like nocturnal outings.

The questions haven’t been set yet, but I am reading up and very eager to produce good stuff. I am currently drawn to the idea of polyphony in literature  and the incredible way in which singular voice, once put together, can create a new sound, where the whole is different from each individual part… Or it many be about the empty space. Have you got any suggestions? Let me know!

As most of you know the show is The Forty Part Motet by Janet Cardiff and engages with Thomas Tallis’ Spem in Alium.

Can’t wait!