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My Photography MA final project.

I would like to have comments, opinions, thoughts about it. There is also a summary of the general idea.

Wardrobes are, according to Barchelard, “veritable organs of the secret psychological life”. Without these objects our intimate life would lack a model of intimacy. In fact, if we look closer into a wardrobe it is made up by shelves, drawers, chests and false bottoms that contain objects which are invested with a particular subjective influence: “like us, through us and for us they have a quality of intimacy”.
These images of wardrobes are conceived in a very rigorous way, using a consistent type of lighting and framing. Through this type of structure I am trying to create an objectifying, normalizing context in which I can insert the person’s wardrobe. I take as example the Beckers’ comparative aesthetics and their idea of standardizing the subject’s representation so to bring out its particularity.

I thought I’d upload some stuff  I have done in the past. This is a show I was part of last year.

It’s called It’s All About Paradise 2. Here is a brief description of my work taken from the website.

Lorenza Ippolito interviews found objects, placing them in their traditional context and questioning their functions. Her interest lies in fetishism, nostalgia and capitalism, exploring the boundaries between found objects and the ‘objective’ subject, subverting their established meaning and detachment. By animating objects that have lost their use or whose design has been replaced by more sophisticated devices, Ippolito questions the human relation with the past as an object, the waste, and the nostalgia that drives capitalism towards fetishism.

If you want to know more, below are the links to the website and the blog.

It’s All About Paradise 2