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This slide show is the documentation of 2 days out at sea with Alan.

Alan fishes for Dover Sole leaving every morinng from Brighton Marina. He is 68 years old and doesn’t even like eating fish. But he loves his job.

Fishing is a 2 day affair. The first day you go out to lay down the nets on the bottom of the sea. Dover Sole swim flat on the bottom of the sea and when there’s a net there they swim right into to it, but so do other fish, like place, cod and huss.

The second day, we got up very early. We where out at sea before the day had even thought of breaking. Alan and James started reeling in the net, and so the work began.

Once the net comes in the fish have to be taken out of the nets and then gutted and separated into different boxes. Sounds simple, but try doing it on a boat.

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