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This project opened lots of doors towards possible work with sound and audio. It also opened my research to the conversational aspects of my work. In the future I intend to continue collecting conversations and to work with digital media. I also got a lot of fulfillment from the participatory aspect of the work, and think that it ties with the ethical aspect within my practice. I have also explored other media beyond lens based work, which wouldn’t have been possible without this grant.

Thanks to Sue Gollifer I have been put in contact with Joseph Young, who rans a sound art workshop for MA students, which I was allowed to participate in, and which was in addition to the training and mentoring that I had received this grant for. I reinforced the bonds I had with my partners at Brighton Digital Festival, Photo Fringe and Fabrica Gallery, to ensure a long term working relationship with them, allowing me to plan and develop future collaborations. I am very grateful to ACE for giving me this grant, without which I would have not been able to develop my work to this scale.


I am happy to announce that Becky Edmunds will be tailoring a one-to-one video and audio workshop for my Arts Council R&D project.

Becky is a video artist with a background in dance and choreography; she is an associate artist at Blast Theory. What really excites me about her work is the way she uses the images to communicate movement and rhythm, her uses of ambient sound and music to guide the viewer, but not impose meaning.

The workshop will consist of two parts. A first part where we will be looking at how to capture sound and images. Talking to Becky she suggested I take along someone to help on the day. She rightly pointed out that there are too many aspects to keep under control namely sound and image capturing, preparing the space, hosting the event, the technical bits – i.e. skype connections or loss of – and, not least importantly, engaging actively in the conversation.

Good bit of advice that!

The second part of the workshop will happen after the actual event and will concentrate on editing and how to convey the conversation and atmosphere of the day.

I’m really looking forward to it.