When I graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna in July 2005  my main interests were to be found in lost objects and the governmental policies that influence people’s view on family, couples and individuals. Italy is a country where the only legaly recognised form of co-habitation is the family nuclues.

In this mock advertising campaign for social awareness, I apply human rules to an inanimate object, the common glove. I  invoke freedom for the single glove form the oppression of social rules that have meaning to the garment only when coupled with anothe.

These are the words used in the text: Now is the time to awaken the spirit of the single glove and free it form the burden of the pair.

We must always remember the dignity of an unaccompanied glove!

The main slogan goes: “We can feel lost, they really are”

The manifesto ends inviting people to pick up lost gloves from the pavement, to wear them and to break up pairs.


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