Fine Arts

Just got to Nottingham Trent University on a tram and having breakfast. I am very exited today because I’ll finally be able to start scanning lots of negatives that have been waiting for sometime now.

My residency is part of a scheme called AA2A that allows artist access to University facilities.

This is my third trip here and everybody has been really helpful. Today I’ll be meeting technician and staff at the Photography Department.

This is an extract from Questions and Answers part of an exhibition called It’s All About Paradise II


In this moving image piece Questions and Answers I examine found objects, placing them in their traditional context and questioning their functions. My interest lies in nostalgia and ownership, exploring the boundaries between found objects and the ‘objective’ subject, subverting their established meaning and detachment. By animating objects that have lost their use or whose design has been replaced and modified by more sophisticated devices, I question the human relation with the past as an object or as the waste as well as interrogating the nostalgia that drives capitalism towards fetishism.

Drawing Space

Drawing Space is an interesting initiative by Brighton artist Carolyn Bew during the Artist Open House. It is a collaborative event over three weekends. Visitors are invited to take part in a collective drawing incorporating sound and video, which will transform this empty space into an interactive environment. Each evening a video will be made of the artworks, before the walls are repainted for the following day.