Brighton Photo Fringe

The Exhibition has come down and I am now in Italy for the first time in 10 months. It feels good to be back, but also to take some time to look at Moving Boundaries from a distance.

Since July a lot has been done, video and audio training, organising Talking to the Screen Workshop, editing the footage, reading up on new media, and now time to sit back and understand what it is that really makes me tick.

So now that I have had a little time to concentrate on where I want my practice to go and where to direct my energy, I thinking about my exhibition. I feel that the strongest elements were the digital ones and the participatory aspects too. On the other hand, I feel that the 3 photographic pieces were still interesting, but that the scale of some was exaggerated and that the participatory element was not as engaging as it could have been.


Untitled (Conversation II), an ipad piece in a wooden frame attached to the wall is an interesting mixture of digital technology and organic materials. In this piece I edit still images to convey a story, more precisely, manipulate the images to give the sense of a narrative.

The final piece which is untitled is a documentary of Talking to the Screen which was an informal discussion workshop to converse about older audiences and the politics of technology. In this video piece I was trying to convey the conversation as it happened and give a voice to all the participants. I feel that the art here is the interaction of the people.  Underlining the uniqueness of every conversation and the importance of people physically occupying a space and interacting.

Please forgive the quality of the picture, even though I kinda like it’s gritty colour-casted quality.

So, what’s it about? I am preparing to apply for an Arts Council’s Grant for the Arts. This is my initial mind chart to which I will be adding ideas and concept during week.

I am applying specifically for support towards researching and developing my conversations project of which Bologna Portraits is part.

Alison Lloyd, my mentor at the AA2A residency at Nottingham Trent University will be giving me a hand and I hope to get some support from Fabrica as well.

Let you know more about the project very soon. Enjoy the Working Progress in the meantime.

Really exiting exhibition I went to last Friday. The most interesting thing is behind the scenes.

Emerging from curator-artist dialogues and the contributions of a group of selected events curators and guest writers, a series of related events and texts has evolved for both the gallery space and online forums.

The works in the gallery exhibition take inspiration from popular culture, sculpture, archival processes and notions of ritual. Through reflective approaches, references to other cultural disciplines and a sense of humour, the works question the veracity of documentation and transcend assumptions about the medium of photography.

This is an innovative collaborative effort of curators, artists and writers that have worked together for months and on a number of platforms before the show.

More info on the website: