Plum Stone Project – Jenny Milarski

A special thanks to Jenny Milarski for her patience and amazing idea. We met in a particularly busy day for me and I was very sorry not to have had more time to dedicate her.

Nevertheless her idea is brilliant and could be the start of a truly great project. Jenny’s usually works with ideas of Hyper-Masculinity, in her latest body of work she looked at body builders and the contradiction between having such a huge muscle mass and not being able to use it.

For this project Jenny was inspired by Bosnian Taekwondo Master, Mohamed Kahrimanovic who has managed to crush 111 coconuts for his Guinness Book of Records entry. Jenny would like to find a way to break the plum stone using the same techniques as in Taekwondo. She would like to  go on a research trip to Ex Yugoslavia countries to meet up with Mohamed.

Jenny sees the seed as a gender ideal and would like to work with the idea of “breaking” or “not breaking” the seed to delve into the conceptual means that it carries.

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