Plum Stone Project – Libby

I received an email from Libby who is in Bali. Libby is taking part in my Plum Stone Project. I have decided to paste her thoughts directly in this post following the description of our original agreement.

Libby has raised interesting questions about authorship for projects such as this; most of these questions I’m not sure I have an answer for. So I will let them linger in the post and have a think in the meantime.

There has also being an interesting change of plan. I can’t wait to see pictures of the new “process the stone will go through.

Libby, I send you all my love. Hope you’re having a great time.


Libby artist and founder of Egg House Art,  will keep the stone close to her until she leaves for a six month trip around the world.

Before leaving she will put it in a safe place in the house and photograph it. During her trip she will  send updates and reflection on participatory art practices, a common interest.

Libby will also reflect on the idea of contamination and quarantine as she is not allowed to carry seeds into many of the countries she we be traveling to, including Australia where she’s from.


So I accidentally brought it with me!

Don’t go through Australian quarantine for a few weeks yet, so will end of doing something with it in Bali. About integration of east and west. Will probably grind it up with tamarind seed, rice grains from our local field, eat it and poo it out.

Thinking about the impact of us tourists here. We are living right on the rice paddy and finding out about impact of expat houses on the fascinating, ancient Subak irrigation system. All about interconnectedness and harmony.

Written about in David Suzuki’s wonderful book Good News For Change and here. (I have a copy for later)

I really really recommend you both looking at Joanna Macy’s work and any of the deep ecologists.

World as Lover, World as Self for example

Am I just a “pooping machine” or something more?

Is there any advantage to being a more complex (?), educated westerner, rather than a simple, superstitious (?) Balinese. Is Buddhism the next evolutionary stage on from Hinduism?

These are all questions I am slowly, deeply, quietly composting at present. In between being waited on hand and foot by very happy people who’s basic needs seem to be very well met and who work very hard (the women especially!)

That’s all for now. You might like to think about who the “authors” of the project are, about the nature of collaboration and control, about multiple authors on a blog. It might be easier for us to speak for ourself rather than through The Artist.

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