Plum Stone Project

I found a two kilo bag of reduced plums in a supermarket one Sunday autumn afternoon, so I decided to make urban jam with them. I hadn’t imagined that the process would also produce 44 plum stones. I religiously fished the 44 stones out of the molten jam pot and stacked them all onto a chopping board. They looked so prefect, just like little sculptures, I was reluctant to throw them away. Instead I decided to organise a participatory project, during which I would distribute the 44 plum stones to 44 different people.

This project is a collaborative piece where the ‘seed keeper’ decides what happens to the plum stone. It can be planted or decorated, carved, photographed, used in a performance and more. I would like to meet with the person and negotiate process and documentation of the stone, which I can help with or leave completely to the discretion of the individual.

The whole process will be documented from start to finish as below:

• Each stone will be photographed on all four sides before it’s given away

• I will take a picture of each person with their plum stone

• I will create a spreadsheet on which I will note which stone goes to whom, and what was decided after an initial meeting with the prospective seed keeper

• I will take a follow-up picture one month after adoption, and document the findings

If you would like to participate in the project please contact me on


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