Geriatric 1927

I received this email from Peter Oakley, aka Geriatric ’27. I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you and ask for comments and ideas.

Below is a link to his YouTube videos. Hope to see lots of you today at the event.

“I have only just seen your comment in my video and I wish you good luck with your Digital Festival in Brighton today.

I think that it is too late for me to contribute but of course are always happy to try to get the older generations to embrace the new technologies.  Maybe you could show some of my videos as an inspiration to point out that it is not a difficult thing to do.

I think that many older people have become brainwashed to believe that it is something that is too complicated to do in that things in the world have moved on at such a pace with the introduction of all of the new devices and have a language that they don’t understand and therefore are afraid to try. Of course this is not true and the  computer and all the other devices are only tools which in the most part are intuitive and there is no need to understand how they work. Just as one does not need to know how the motor car or say the television or washing machine works in order to use it. Yes some of the language is a little foreign but something that is easily understood and of course once taking the plunge and obtained the computer or phone etc there is a great deal of help out there and also within families to help come to terms with it all.”
Thank you.

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