Wardrobes, Final Project at Brighton University

My Photography MA final project.

I would like to have comments, opinions, thoughts about it. There is also a summary of the general idea.

Wardrobes are, according to Barchelard, “veritable organs of the secret psychological life”. Without these objects our intimate life would lack a model of intimacy. In fact, if we look closer into a wardrobe it is made up by shelves, drawers, chests and false bottoms that contain objects which are invested with a particular subjective influence: “like us, through us and for us they have a quality of intimacy”.
These images of wardrobes are conceived in a very rigorous way, using a consistent type of lighting and framing. Through this type of structure I am trying to create an objectifying, normalizing context in which I can insert the person’s wardrobe. I take as example the Beckers’ comparative aesthetics and their idea of standardizing the subject’s representation so to bring out its particularity.

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